Editorial Consultation and Editing Services

New Chapter Editions offers editorial consultation and editing services. Whether you would like to have a discussion regarding the publishing business or know what your options are, you can schedule a consultation with me at [email protected].

Coaching Services

I work with writers one-on-one and help them develop and hone their writing skills, get an idea off the ground or complete a special project. My coaching sessions are customizable to meet your unique needs and goals. I can work with you in person or via phone, Skype or Zoom.

Book Proposal Development

This process can take anywhere from 12-16 weeks and consists of weekly scheduled phone sessions and e-mails back and forth. The author first provides the agent with a draft of each section of the proposal. Agent will then annotate and comment on the draft for the author to revise accordingly. We work on one section at a time. Although agent may rewrite some sentences for the author (in cases where they are stuck), the proposal needs to be written by the author, as it must be representative of the author’s voice (i.e. the same voice as the sample chapters that form part of the proposal). Once the author executes the revisions, agent will provide further direction until each section has been successfully executed and is ‘submission-ready’.

This process is a collaborative endeavor in which both agent and author work together as a team and are mutually supportive of the other.


New Chapter Editions offers a series of workshop dedicated to healing through writing.            

For more information, dates and registration information, click here.