If your manuscript falls into one of the categories specified on our home page, feel free to send a query letter to [email protected] and include a brief synopsis of your manuscript, a short bio with your social media platform and writing background, as well as the first ten pages of your manuscript.

New Chapter Editions accepts book proposals that are submission-ready only. This means that the book proposal (including sample chapters) is polished and ready for submission to prospective publishers. Granted, there is always some tweaking and minor editing involved and as your agent, I will make suggestions and offer guidance.

Since many of our authors are first-time authors, we understand the inherent challenges involved in mastering the book proposal process. To this effect, we may express interest in a book proposal that has strong potential but is not yet ready for submission. If such is the case, the author can either choose to edit or re-work the material him/herself; engage an editor of his/her choice; or engage New Chapter Editions to provide this service.

Please note that we do not accept queries by phone.